Meet our Front of House team

Our growing team of Front of House support are a friendly, passionate, lovely crew who will be there to welcome you to your concert and answer questions.


Hobart | Delia

Delia is a contemporary and classical pianist based in Tasmania. She has a keen interest in the avant-garde and regularly practises 4’33, sometimes extending its duration to days. Planning to pursue a career in music journalism and broadcasting, she’s started a musical pun collection and enjoys a good coffee (or three).

Kate - SJ Allen Photography

Sydney | Kate

Kate’s passion for classical music was fostered by her friendship with her grandfather, Ken Tribe. What he did so well to share his passion was to impart a new piece of information each time they went to a concert together and to encourage gradual knowledge building about one of the things closest to his heart.

Jacqui Smith 2 square

Sydney | Jacqui

Jacqui is a lover of many musical things, but particularly loves music from about 1200 to the late 1700s and music written yesterday. She plays recorder, sings and edits academic words by day, but is often seen about town performing or listening to live music. Jacqui is also classikON’s Marketing Manager.

LlianeClarke2 8080

Sydney | Lliane

Lliane always loved classical music since her father played Tchaikovsky at full volume on the weekends. She begged to start piano lessons aged 6, dallied into rock n roll playing keyboard as a teenager and fell in love with opera in London. Lliane discovered jazz through a neighbour and the multifaceted choral world with Leichhardt Espresso Chorus. Her music tastes are broad!.

How ticketing works with classikON

  • Our online ticket sales are through PayPal and accepts PayPal and credit cards.
  • When we are at the concert doing Front of House, we accept cash, credit and debit card payments.
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  • When you buy online, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and that you’re in our system. Then on the day, just turn up and let us know your name. No forgetting tickets.
  • At the concert we’ll give you a ticket and if appropriate for the concert, a program.
  • CLICK HERE: to buy tickets to concerts on classikON

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Would you like to join our Front of House team? Contact us!

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