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The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra staged Handel’s Messiah is a showpiece

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  1. Daniel Kaan says:

    Hi Jacqui. I saw the performance tonight (Friday) and from your review the performance was a good bit tighter than opening night. I think the staging was a bit of a distraction from the music but I agree about the trumpet playing; Sullivan was stunning. The baritone was spine chilling too. Such drama!

    1. Two anons Sat. matinee says:

      The orchestra was up to its usual standard and the trumpet truly superb. The choir is surely one of the best balanced anywhere and their voices came through strongly and clearly. The baritone was excellent but even with my good hearing I didn’t hear most of what the others sang. The staging which I thought a distraction perhaps didn’t help the volume at times and the clarity – a pity because they do have lovely voices. Maybe well placed discreet microphones and less moving around ?


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