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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Soundtrack

So I could picture the music in its appropriate setting, I watched the movie, and as I’m not a Hobbit fanatic took one with me. Not being a fanatic has advantages – you don’t walk in with expectations and you can take the music in without already wanting a certain sound to be drifting into your ears, or believing a sound has been overheard.

For me the music was perfect for the movie, it took you through the unexpected adventure, riding the highs and lows. It had excellent continuity of themes important for a movie soundtrack.

Empire online is critical about lack of innovation:

… there’s a distinct lack of exciting new themes. Expertly performed, but a well-trod path in Middle-earth music.

They weren’t alone in this view and although I’m not an expert in Middle-earth music, it did sound familiar. That said, the quality is excellent, it includes a range of instruments with both big sounds and softer journeys and soulful choral pieces.

The Song of the Lonely Mountain performed by Neil Finn and the major score for the soundtrack is tucked between the joyous A Good Omen and serene Dreaming of Bag End.

Sometimes familiar produced in high quality is just what is needed.

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