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Cecilia has always loved classical (and many other types) of music thanks to the strong influence of her mother. Being exposed to so many different types of music from world, rap & hip hop, pop, electronic, rock and of course classical. Cecilia is co-founder of, mygivee, enjoys painting, writing and developing new and amazing gluten free recipes.

Tips for young composers: Lyle Chan’s approach

Lyle Chan recently spoke to classikON about his musical influences. He has taken it one step further and here he speaks about his approach to creativity and writing music. Considering Lyle is so prolific and his music is so beautiful…

Sally Cooper: Child prodigy to Classical Cross-over Artist

Sally Cooper is an unusually well seasoned performer for someone so young. She has been a musician for as long as she can remember. You may have seen her performing on Dancing with the Stars and The X-Factor. Her debut…

Young composer Cyrus Meurant: Life in composition

Thirty year old Cyrus Meurant has chosen to live the life of a composer despite the long hours and low pay.
classikON recently featured a work by Cyrus called Interlude (you can listen to this on SoundCloud if you cannot see the embedded player below).

Earlier this year Cyrus attended June in Buffalo, a festival and conference dedicated to composers and attracting talented composers from all over the world. Discussion, a lot of listening and developing new relationships that might lead to new collaborations, Cyrus has returned to Australia eager to finish writing his latest commission Klash to be premiered in December.

Lyle Chan speaks to classikON about his musical influences

Lyle Chan is a Malaysian born Australian composer who has taken on a radical musical challenge. Over 2 years Lyle has committed to write 6-or-so minutes of music and release it (for free) every fortnight. This is his musical diary.…

Behind Closed Doors: Flinders Quartet & Red Stitch

Last night there was a classikON Reserve at Behind Closed Doors at the Utzon Room in the Sydney Opera House. It was a full house. I did not know what to expect. A collaboration between a theatre company (Red Stitch)…

Blood Count by Lyle Chan

Lyle Chan recently premiered his latest work, Blood Count. Here is a recording on SoundCloud and some notes from the composer himself. Why Blood Count for a title? It’s a pun and a tribute. The music of Billy Strayhorn is…

Noah Stewart @ The Loft: a star has arrived!

Noah Stewart @ The Loft: a star has arrived!
I am excited that Yellow Lounge has launched in Australia! After 7 years in Berlin and the UK we finally get to enjoy classical music without rules. The objective of Yellow Lounge is to bringing classical music together with cutting-edge DJ’s in cool urban spaces. In a nutshell, Yellow Lounge has the same goal as classikON – demystifying classical music and binging it to a newer and younger audience.

Heritage in Song by the Sydney Children’s Choir – a musical masterpiece

When you’re looking through a ‘what’s on’ list you don’t immediately think ‘I really must go and see that children’s choir’. Until now, I imagined rounding’s and modern renditions of “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”. I’ve been proved wrong! Yesterday I…

Sally Whitwell talks about inspiration, creativity and her personal style

Sally Whitwell talks about inspiration, creativity and her personal style
Over the years Sally Whitwell has strayed, trying out other instruments but she always comes home to her first love, piano. Sally has answered some questions for classikON about her love of classical music and what inspires her.

Katie Noonan: Classical music & how it shaped an Australian musical icon

I have always been a fan of Katie Noonan, ever since I first heard George in 1998, when I fell deeply in love with their song Special Ones. It wasn’t until 2004 with the release of Two of a Kind…

The Good, the Bad, the Awkward by Sally Whitwell

I don’t normally read the liner notes of CD’s but I felt the need to know more about Sally Whitwell, she’s such an intriguing character. Her approach to music seems to be as eclectic as her personal style. She composes,…

Flinders @ Utzon

Last night, a group of ClassikON-ers attended ‘Silent Inspiration’, the second in this year’s concert series by the Flinders Quartet. It goes without saying that the thoughtfully chosen pieces that were executed with such passion and precision were loved by all of us that attended.

Ross Edwards at The Con

Ross is a wonderful Australian composer, whose work effortlessly echoes different cultures, featuring the Australian bush and in particular bird songs.