Claire Matthews
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Claire has been exposed to classical music from a young age, through learning ballet and violin. Though she is certainly no ballerina, her love of classical music lives on. When not pumping out uni assignments, curled up reading, or crafting stories, she dusts off her violin, and plays. She is also a member of a local youth orchestra.

Elysian Fields ‘What Should I Say’ is a thoroughly enjoyable CD that challenges boundaries

Brisbane’s Poinciana trees are bursting with vibrant red flowers, showering footpaths, rooftops, roads, and parked cars with flamelike petals. A perfect afternoon for listening to Elysian Fields. What Should I Say is the first CD to be released by classical jazz…

[A]part: Ellen Kirkwood & Sirens Big Band is [A]part from the Crowd

As the Brisbane heatwave sets in like thick soup, an afternoon of lying under the fan, listening to music is a welcome reprieve. The volume knob has to keep being turned up, so the speakers can compete with the beats…

Halcyon’s From the Hungry Waiting Country is an expansive, dreamlike journey

The grey haze of clouds hangs over Brisbane. I watch the sky in distrust, waiting. I walk on dull, dead grass, and watch the angling, fat crows. An hour’s train ride, and then I’m home to my back yard, to…

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