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Peter Hagen is a harpsichordist, organist, music teacher, concert organiser and host of Salon Concerts at Broadford for intimate concerts of less than 50 people. He directs a choir in Central Victoria called the Mitchell Voices in Harmony inc. based in Seymour.

Review: Selby and Friends’ Magical Performance

Selby and Friends | A Final Offering Susie Park, violin | Stefanie Farrands, viola | Timo-Veikko Valve, cello | Kathryn Selby, piano A year or two ago I invested in some fairly decent speakers for my computer. In this year…

Review: Bach’s Universal Light

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall Friday 2 October 7.00pm Bach’s Universal Light Australian Bach Akademie dir. By Madeleine Easton J.S. Bach – Cantata BWV 106 ‘Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit’ – Actus Tragicus J.S. Bach – Toccata and Fugue BWV…

Zelman Symphony had much to entertain, delight and move

This being my first time in this venue I was delighted to experience their still fairly new, state of the art performing arts centre which seats 850 and a stage big enough for a large orchestra and choir. In addition…

Peninsula Summer Music Festival: Bach Violin Sonatas

Three of Bach’s sonatas for violin and obligato harpsichord were presented in this concert, the C minor with its beautiful opening movement, B minor and the G major. No programme was given so we relied on the information mostly supplied…

Hoang Pham brilliance tempered by a fine balance and propriety with Zelman Symphony Orchestra

It was a dark and stormy night (well early Summer evening actually) and to get to the Melbourne Recital Centre involved some dashing across dark glisteningly wet black streets, Melbourne was experiencing one of its stormiest beginnings to Summer for…

Simone Young conducting Australian World Orchestra and ANAM was an exceptional and unforgettable concert

“One could say that Young did not just conduct the symphony; she danced the symphony” It was wonderful to see so many people of all ages attend this concert which featured the collaboration of Australia’s finest musicians now playing in…

The Flinders’ Quartet on Collins #2 displays a tight ensemble with exemplary intonation

Lunchtime concerts in the CBD are wonderful for city workers, being so close for so many people, so I wonder why there were not more people attending this concert. There were a few younger people but the audience of 80…

Hamish Gould performed exquisitely with Melbourne Musicians

Dramatic light with the orchestral unison passages supporting the drama. Showed the potential power in his voice, but this was never overdone.

AYO performance is spirited, secure and professional

There were so many good points about this concert that it is hard to know what to point out over and above anything else.

Melbourne Musicians: Beethoven and Mozart

A pleasant relaxing afternoon of music and the audience were treated to expert soloists complementing the fine orchestral playing.

Orchestra Seventeen88 delight the senses with exquisite playing

Unity between the two treble instruments with many unison passages displaying a fusion of sound that I would not have believed possible between violin and clarinet.

Peninsula Summer Music Festival Napoleon’s Guitar

The background research into this concert was evident with the effortless patter that Tyrone Landau supplied between brackets. Songs were convincingly performed and with great authority.

Continually delighted during Peninsula Summer Music Festival’s Airs De Coeur

All the songs were performed beautifully, so much so that it is difficult to say what stood out for one was continually delighted.

Melbourne Sinfonia: Dedicated musicians supporting the local community

An enjoyable, well-chosen programme and performed in a pleasant venue with a wonderful family atmosphere and child friendly.

Elysium Ensemble: Mozart Flute Quartets

It’s often said that music has the power to soothe the savage beast. Listening to the beautiful music of Mozart played exquisitely by one of Melbourne’s premier ensembles is certainly a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Australian Youth Orchestra with Sir Mark Elder

An enjoyable evening particularly for music lovers enjoying the bigger more challenging classical works and it was performed with precision, authority, delicacy and nuance.

XL Arts ‘Rusalka’ was an evening of excellent music and entertainment

Excellent music and entertainment which I thoroughly enjoyed. If this is the calibre and performance quality of XL Arts productions, get on their list for any of their future events.

Flinders Quartet: The Magic of Paul Dean

An excellent concert and experience. The concert had variety, intensity, lyric beauty, passion and wit in the excellent playing and tight ensemble.