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Bendigo Chamber Music Festival | Summer Nights Series 4 – Mayor’s Gala

6 February 2021 @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm AEDT

This event is live streamed on Melbourne Digital Concert Hall
Live audience tickets to the Bendigo Chamber Music Festival are also available

There is a reason some works are famous – they are usually extremely good! Here are three icons of the repertoire: heartfelt Bach, Schubert combining voice and clarinet in exquisite conversations, and Mendelssohn in crackling compositional form, amply justifying the word “genius”.

Diana Doherty – Oboe
David Griffiths – Clarinet
Sophie Rowell – Violin
Natsuko Yoshimoto – Violin
Anna de Silva Chen – Violin
Tobias Breider – Viola
Chris Moore – Viola
Howard Penny – Cello
Chris Howlett – Cello
Andrea Lam – Piano


Bach – Oboe Concerto in D Minor BWV 1059, reconstruction A. Mehl
Diana, Natsuko, Anna, Chris M, Howard

Schubert – The Shepherd on the Rock
tba, David, Andrea

Mendelssohn – String Octet in E Flat Major Op. 20
Natsuko, Anna, Harry, Sophie, Chris M, Tobias, Howard, Chris H