Apeiron Baroque | Too Many Strings

Wesley Uniting Church, Forrest, ACT 22 National Circuit, Forrest, ACT, Australia

Apeiron Baroque, invites you to a concert featuring the sonorous alto and tenor registers of the unusual Viola d'amore and the black sheep of the string family, the Viola. Highlights include music depicting a Phoenix and a Chicken, a duo for the 28 strings of two Viola d'amores, a concerto for 4 violas stolen from […]

Free – $40

The Llewellyn Choir | A Winter Concert: Durufle and Boulanger

Wesley Music Centre, Forrest 20 National Circuit, Forrest, ACT, Australia

The Llewellyn Choir will perform Maurice Durufle's Requiem, and three works by Lili Boulanger (both 2oth century French composers). Durufle’s Requiem was commissioned by in 1941, but not completed until 1947. His original published version called for substantial choral forces and full orchestra, but a more intimate version for voices and organ followed in 1948. Boulanger, […]

$35 – $40

Salut! Baroque | Corelli’s Magic

Albert Hall, Canberra Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, ACT, Australia

The 1710 publication of Arcangelo Corelli’s Opus 5 Violin sonatas by the publisher Estienne Roger included the adagio movements in both the original and a version with ornaments “as plays them”. Amongst those who were dubious about this bold claim was Roger North who commented, “Some presumer hath published Corelly's solos. ... Upon the bare […]

$40 – $45

Salut! Baroque | The Cosmopolitans

Albert Hall, Canberra Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Behind seemingly effortless ornamentation, strict rules had to be observed to establish the character, emotion and aesthetics of the music. Johann Sebastian Bach commented that, “It is… somewhat strange that German musicians are expected to be capable of performing at once and ex tempore all kinds of music, whether it come from Italy or France, […]

$40 – $45