A Juilliard Journey begins…


After some truly beautiful moments farewelling close friends and family, a frenzied early morning of packing and a torrent of tears…  my juilliardjouney began on the 31st of August, 2012.

Since moving there 3 and a half years ago, my love of Sydney has been ever deepening, so it was with a heavy but excited heart that I departed. I also departed with 3 tubes of Vegemite (thanks Sarah, Skye and James!), some exceptional Australian literature and art (Patrick White, Craig Silvey, Phillipa Nikulinksy, Brett Whiteley), an almost half-finished Geography thesis, and, thanks to an outrageously successful Pozible campaign, a few dollars in my pocket!

The first week in New York has been an extremely exciting, intense experience.

I’ve had quite a few late nights, moving furniture around the city with friends, hanging out on rooftops, completing an Arts Council Skills Development grant with one minute to spare, writing my thesis and generally trying to adjust to the new time zone.


I’ve managed to:

  • Open a bank account,
  • Sit four placement exams at school for theory (back to basics for me!),
  • Ear training (made it into the express class),
  • Piano (one semester of fundamentals required… no surprise),
  • History (passed the multiple choice exam with flying colours so I get to choose electives instead!),
  • Register for classes and attend several,
  • Get a security swipe card and swipe myself in for the first time (see the video!),
  • Enjoy a first rehearsal with my new friends and colleagues,
  • Save an apartment or three from flooding,
  • and receive my beloved bike in the mail and ride it around Central Park during a tornado warning!

I’m humbled… by the glory of this city, by the energy and warmth of Juilliard and its staff and students, by the love from across the Pacific, and by the extremely tasty $2.50 tacos at Picante on Broadway in Harlem.

The good ship Juilliard at the Lincoln Centre on Broadway and 67th

Perhaps the highlight for me was Convocation Ceremony…

the official welcome at The Juilliard School, which all staff and students attend. The Dean, President, and several student representatives spoke about the past year’s achievements and this year’s theme of entrepreneurship. There was an incredible performance involving the Dance faculty and musicians from the Historical Performance program of excerpts from Achille et Polyxene by Jean-Baptiste Lully.

But it was the moment in which all new students at the school were asked to stand, to the sounds of wild cheering and clapping, that suddenly, properly, for the first time, it finally dawned on me. I’m on a juilliardjourney, and I’m very happy about it!


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