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Your concerts are at the centre of what we’re about.

We categorise and tag your concerts so they appear in relevant parts of the site.


Subscriber promotion benefits

Buy SubscriptionThe best and easiest way to be promoted on classikON is to Subscribe. One annual payment and we’ll keep looking after you all year without you needing to regularly fill in forms. Click to find out about our Local, Tourer and Fanatic Subscription packages.


Single paid promotion

Single concert promotionIf you want to promote a single concert, then buy a single paid promotion. You’ll be redirected to PayPal to purchase and then redirected back to provide concert details.



Buy classikON ticketingWhen you have your ticketing managed by classikON we look after the online sales and do your front of house. Click to find out more.


Free promotion

Join LogonWe also offer free promotion, you just need to join or login and then on your profile page you’ll have a link to ‘Promote and edit your concerts & events’. We’ll then finalise the details and publish it for you.


How we promote your concert

Concert set up
Essentials tick tick tick
Online tix link tick tick tick
Core categories tick tick tick
Core tags tick tick tick
Profile links cross tick tick
Detailed information cross tick tick
Bonus categories cross tick tick
Bonus tags cross tick tick
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) cross tick tick
No forms to submit cross cross tick
Marketing & Social media
Newsletter cross tick tick
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Website Profiles
Group cross tick tick
Musicians cross cross tick
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Concerts are the centre of the website and we set them up to link to other areas of the website in the following ways:


Concert essentials include

  • Concert name
  • Venue
  • Date
  • Start time
  • Brief description or flyer/poster


We categorise concerts firstly by State, then by:

  • Adult ticket price: Free, $1-$25, $26-$50, $51+
  • Instrument group: Keyboard, Strings, Voice, Wind, Percussion, Other instruments
  • Living composer
  • Period: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern (paid & subscriber only)
  • Length of concert: 0-1 hr, 1-1.5 hrs, 1.5-2 hrs, 2-2.5 hrs, 2.5+ hrs (paid & subscriber only)


We tag concerts so they appear in:

  • Group
  • Musicians, players, performers
  • Composer (paid & subscriber only)


We also offer in kind support in a few ways:

  • Offer tickets or CDs as a prize in our weekly newsletter
  • Offer a double pass for an Ambassadors to attend your concert with a friend and write review a review. classikON does not accept payment for reviews.

What do people think about classikON?

  • Tara Hashambhoy

    Tara Hashambhoy

    The Pearl & Dagger Company

    classikON’s ticketing service was friendly, reliable, accommodating and affordable. Having someone else take care of ticketing saved us a huge amount of time, effort and stress in the lead up to our performance. They catered for our individual needs in setting up ticketing for our concerts. Thank you!

  • Jenny Eriksson and Philip Pogson

    Joint Managing Directors, The Marais Project

    classikON have come onto the scene at just the right moment for The Marais Project. They are already proving to be valuable partners both in promoting our concerts and in taking over the logistics of ticketing and booking in highly competent fashion. ClassikON know and love fine music which is an added bonus as we don’t have to explain the intricacies of the genre to them. We recommend them without hesitation.

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