Subscribe your group to classikON for ongoing promotion

We want to make it easier for people to find out about your concerts, so we’ve created 3 subscription levels so your group or organisation can join and get a year of promotion.

One annual payment and we’ll keep looking after you all year without you needing to regularly fill in forms.

Three subscription levels

  1. Local: A few concerts at one location.
  2. Tourer: A few concerts toured to a few locations.
  3. Fanatic: Several concerts in several locations.

How it works

  1. Select the subscription type
  2. You’ll be directed to PayPal to purchase your annual subscription
  3. You’ll be directed back to classikON to set up your classikON account
  4. When you decide on the details of your concert, send them to us (or just add us to your media release list) and you’ll shortly see them set up on the website, in our newsletter, on twitter, facebook and other channels.

Choose your subscription level

≤ 5
≤ 5
≤ 5
Concerts in year
≤ 5
≤ 25
Per concert
Cheap as chips!
Select to buy:

* A fair usage policy applies.

Not ready to subscribe? Try these options

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Single paid promotion

Single concert promotionIf you want to promote a single concert, then buy a single paid promotion. You’ll be redirected to PayPal to purchase and then redirected back to provide concert details.

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Buy classikON ticketingWhen you have your ticketing managed by classikON we look after the online sales and do your front of house. Click to find out more.

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Free promotion

Join LogonWe also offer free promotion, you just need to join or login and then on your profile page you’ll have a link to ‘Promote and edit your concerts & events’. We’ll then finalise the details and publish it for you.

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