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The Sydney Symphony & Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique Symphony

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  1. Félicitations, chère Alice !

    Your Blog is fulllife and your comments very exciting. I love music too and I hope go to Sydney one day to hear this.

    With you ?

    Regards from an old guy.

    André (The President !)

  2. JohnofOz says:

    Good review, Alice. This was a truly exceptional concert, from the pre-concert talk by David Robertson on through Tchaikovsky 6. It was the sort of concert to draw people to the ideals of ClassikON

    1. Alice says:

      Thanks John for your comment! You’re right, it is exactly this sort of exciting concert which reflect one of ClassikON’s objective: to reconcile people with classical music – how can you not be touched in some way after this concert?


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