Sine & Syrinx: Jane Sheldon & Alison Morgan

So often when reviewers write about a concert where there is new music most of the writing concerns the compositions and the performers are largely ignored.

Halcyon and Soundstream Collective: Stolen

New Music Network Presents: Stolen Halcyon and Soundstream Collective Saturday 6 September 6, Sydney Conservatorium, Music Workshop Geoffrey Collins, flute in hand, took his seat in absolute silence. His three colleagues did the same. A long, pregnant pause. No-one breathed.…

Halcyon’s Giving Voice: A beacon in Sydney’s musical culture

A beacon in Sydney’s musical culture & again the performances were exemplary & at the service of the music. One of the most important & satisfying concerts in Sydney.

Kingfisher: Songs for Halcyon

When any music ensemble commemorates 15 years it is cause for celebration but when that group specialises in music of ‘now’ and in particular that of Australian composers it is appropriate for all to cheer and to do so with a…