Ensemble Offspring’s Epic Fragments had virtuosic energy and exquisite ‘very very soft’

In a small and quaintly repurposed venue in Newtown, Ensemble Offspring presented a one hour concert of miniatures written over the last hundred or so years from an exquisite performance of Alban Berg’s Vier Stucke Op.5 (1913) to local composer…

Ensemble Offspring | Epic Fragments

Ensemble Offspring presents ‘Epic Fragments’. Small can be beautiful, as you will find out at our upcoming Acoustic Ritual performance “Epic Fragments”. Our accomplished and seasoned instrumentalists Jason Noble (clarinet) and Ben Kopp (piano) will perform an intriguing acoustic repertoire…

Ensemble Offspring | Who Dreamed It?

Dreams, fairytales and fate are the inspiration behind a phantasmagoric concert that might be the soundtrack of a sleeping mind. With US-based Australian soprano Jessica Aszodi showcased at its centre, this suite of surprising and beguiling works will lead the…

Ensemble Offspring’s Kontiki Racket – excellent musicianship bringing new music to life

Impressive concert for the brave choice of new music, excellent musicianship and dedication to bring it to life. Great Sydney has groups so enthusiastically dedicated to sharing new music.

Ensemble Offspring’s Kontiki Racket festival: innovation, diversity and pushing boundaries

Giving access to the world of new music. The exploratory nature of Ensemble Offspring is important to the future of music making, both generally and in Australia specifically.

Ensemble Offspring’s Light is calling

One of Australia’s finest contemporary-music outfits wisely programmed concert finished with Damien Ricketson’s Fractured Again, a ‘suite version’ of a longer work all about glass

Welcoming Ensemble Offspring: Hatched

In allowing two younger, but already highly experienced musicians to be part of their group for a year, Ensemble Offspring are both giving to the future and also gaining from the energy and delight that these musicians bring to all…

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