Elysium Ensemble delivered a fresh take on JS Bach & sons

The afternoon of Sunday the 20th October saw the Bachian triumvirate – if I may so call them – of Johann Sebastian and his sons Carl Philipp Emanuel and Wilhelm Friedemann honoured through a performance of six pieces for harpsichord and…

Elysium Ensemble | J.S., C.P.E., & W.F. Bach

“Refined and expertly crafted performances of neglected musical gems.” Following on from Elysium Ensemble’s performances for the Melbourne Baroque Orchestra Gala Concert and their concert in 2019, Greg Dikmans (‘Quantz’ flute) and David Macfarlane present a concert with music close…

Couperin, Bach, Telemann & Quantz

Greg Dikmans (‘Quantz’ flute) and David Macfarlane (harpsichord) present a concert based on J.S. Bach’s Sonata in B minor for flute & harpsichord

Music for a King: Chamber Music in the Bush 2017

Part of Chamber Music in the Bush 2017 Greg Dikmans and Peter Hagen present a programme of works by Quantz, Benda, J.S. and C.P.E. Bach and the King (Frederick The Great) himself. “Music For a King” celebrates a time and…

Dialogue: The Art of Elegant Conversation

Refinement and exquisite musical dialogue were certainly the order of the day as Greg Dikmans and Lucinda Moon presented a program of duets and two solo works. Both performers engaged the audience with spoken introductions and explained interesting points about both the music and the period instruments being used.

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