Review | The Sydney Consort’s ‘Irish Baroque’ interspersed Irish folk songs with concertos and sonatas

Well programmed thoroughly enjoyable concert, interspersing Irish folk songs with concertos & sonatas. I’ll be attending whenever possible in future.

The Sydney Consort: The Mannheim School

The Sydney Consort: The Mannheim School – a special journey through the period, each piece showcasing aspects of the school itself.

Alan Holley 60th birthday concert

On a gorgeous afternoon, 50 music lovers settled into an art gallery on leafy Riley Street to celebrate the 60th birthday of composer Alan Holley, one of Sydney’s best-loved music figures.

The Sydney Consort: Strings – Sackbuts – Serpents

A fascinating title for a really fascinating CD. One which grows on you with repeated hearings. The music on the disc is of the Baroque period, ie sixteenth and seventeenth centuries so what might be described as ‘early music’. But…

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