Zelman Symphony: Northern Lights

This concert commemorates the struggles of two northern European nations. We begin with Finlandia, Sibelius’ patriotic piece which reflects the Finnish people’s fight for freedom from the Russians and is deeply etched in the Finnish psyche. Sibelius’ Karelia Suite follows; composed just a…

French Connections | Zelman Symphony

PROMOTION: 20% DISCOUNT FOR CLASSIKON FANS. Just use the code CLASSIKON when purchasing tickets. Zelman Symphony opens its 2018 season with a tribute to Claude Debussy, who passed away exactly a century ago. As well as his iconic Prélude à…

Hoang’s Piano Concerto Concert with Zelman Symphony

Hoang will then climb the heights of Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini – the mere mention of Paganini ensures fireworks and a brilliant performance.

Zelman Symphony showed Stefan Cassomenos in fine form for a Scandinavian theme

Pianist Stefan Cassomenos strode on stage to warm applause, and left it to a thunderous ovation some 30 minutes later.

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