classikON Ambassadors go to concerts and share their experience by writing blog posts. They know what we’re about and can answer your questions if you see them out and about.

I love doing it, not the least because I am exposed to artists I may not otherwise encounter.” John O’Brien

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Heath Auchinachie
10 Articles0 Comments

Heath is a Sydney-based classical guitarist who started his studies at the age of 10, and is currently studying his B.Mus with Vladimir Gorbach at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Aside from regularly performing and teaching, he is often attending concerts and writing as a break from the practice room.

Marguerite Foxon
33 Articles0 Comments

Marguerite loves many musical genres but is particularly passionate about Handel (never met a piece of his she didn't want to buy!), Opera (pre-Wagner, especially baroque), and mezzo Joyce DiDonato. She has learned several instruments over the years and is currently enjoying the treble recorder. She attends two or three concerts a week, keeps adding to her CD collection, and does some volunteer work for the Australian Haydn Ensemble.

Daniel Kaan
60 Articles3 Comments

Daniel is a keen concert goer, and especially loves opera, early and contemporary music. Although he works in IT as a systems developer, he has worked as a high school music teacher and performed in many operas. He studied music at Sydney Uni, has an AMusA and LTCL in voice (tenor) and a Master of Cognitive Science specialising in the musical functioning of the brain. He is currently studying pipe organ.

Simon Hirtzel
6 Articles0 Comments

Simon started learning piano at the age of 10 in Christchurch, New Zealand, gaining a love of the romantic classics. Now with a career in copywriting, Simon is interested in the effects of rhythm, tone and melody in language, and the opportunities to attract the new audiences to classical events.

David McKay
5 Articles0 Comments

David McKay teaches piano in his studio Blaxland Piano Pathways in the lower Blue Mountains, NSW and is a former high school Music teacher and HSC Music examiner. His son, Daniel McKay, Melbourne-based guitarist and teacher, introduced him to the classical guitar adventure.

Heidi Hereth
17 Articles0 Comments

Born in Augsburg, which boasts the family residence of Leoplod Mozart, Heidi grew up initially surrounded by classical music. Her father, a keen amateur chorister, always sang around the house and the news on radio was announced with the opening of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". Her family emigrated to Australia when she was seven. Music was still important in her family, but her main interest was in visual art. She trained as a Graphic Designer, although her passion was fine art. After a long career as an art director and teacher, she retired to pay full attention to art and music. She is a member of two choirs (Collegium Musicum UNSW; Eastern Sydney Chamber Choir) and goes to concerts very frequently. She sketches all aspects of her life, especially during concerts, where she can visually express her reaction to the music.

Alan Holley
60 Articles0 Comments

Alan has been composing works that have been regularly performed and broadcast in Australia since the mid-1970s and over the past 25 years his music has become increasingly well-known in America and Europe. His trumpet concerto Doppler’s Web (2005) and A Line of Stars (2007) were commissioned and performed in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. His music is published by EMI Australia, Allans and Kookaburra Music and recordings of his music have been released on numerous labels.

Ria Andriani
5 Articles0 Comments

Ria Andriani is a Braille specialist by day, a musician and writer by night and on weekends. She graduated with Bachelor of Music/ Bachelor of Arts from UNSW in 2015. She now sings as a soprano with various choirs and ensembles in Sydney; she also writes on issues of Accessibility in the Arts, choral music and is a reviewer for fine music websites in Sydney.

Peter Hagen
18 Articles0 Comments

Peter Hagen is a harpsichordist, organist, music teacher, concert organiser and host of Salon Concerts at Broadford for intimate concerts of less than 50 people. He directs a choir in Central Victoria called the Mitchell Voices in Harmony inc. based in Seymour.

Brad Slater
13 Articles0 Comments

Being able to go to more concerts was one of the reasons Brad Slater moved from country New South Wales to Melbourne. When not in the audience he can sometimes be seen playing in music theatre pits, a swiss folk group, big bands or early music groups.

Lliane Clarke
24 Articles0 Comments

Lliane is a writer, editor, publisher, director/producer and communications professional with a passion for the creative arts. She created and has directed the writing and performance project Voices of Women Incorporated since 2018. Currently Communications Executive at NIDA, she has also been the General Manager of the New Music Network, Communications Manager for regional choral and creative organisation Moorambilla Voices, and President of award-winning choir Leichhardt Espresso Chorus, where she continues to enjoy singing as a Soprano.

Margaret Whittaker
1 Articles0 Comments

Margaret is a Glebe resident and choral singer at St Paul’s Anglican Church Burwood. She is an avid concert goer and has been participating in choirs and various small ensembles for over 50 years. She is involved with the Royal School of Church Music and on the committee for their Australasian Winter School 'Sydney Inspires'. She is also a member of the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML).

Jennifer Foong
35 Articles0 Comments

Jennifer learned the piano in childhood, regularly spending her school holidays at Eisteddfods. She has a rather eclectic taste in music as she loves both classical & 70s & 80s rock 'n' roll/disco/pop. She enjoys attending as many classical concerts as possible & working as a volunteer programmer for community radio station Fine Music FM102.5.

Mark Walker
6 Articles0 Comments

In his teens, Mark rebelled against his classical obsessed father into pop, disco and rock, before seeing the light and returning to the fold in later life. His classical motto is: 'if it ain't baroque, don't fix it'!

Tony Burke
52 Articles0 Comments

Born 1945 Shropshire UK and started piano lessons at 12. Having played classical piano since then up to a reasonable amateur recital level. Studied medicine at Brasenose College Oxford and Barts Hospital London. Moved to Australia in 1975 and settled in Sydney. Moved to Woy Woy in 1984 where I opened my own GP practice. Retiring in 2013 and living in Macmasters Beach, playing bridge and tennis when I'm not listening to classical music or tinkling the ivories.

Isabella Brown
2 Articles0 Comments

Isabella is a double bass player and an avid concert-goer who spends her time freelancing and enjoying music between Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. A graduate with honours from UTAS, she enjoys listening to all styles of music including tango, jazz, baroque and opera.