Matthew Hodge
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One year Matthew spent his tax return on a box set of Mahler symphonies. After hearing the Mahler 2, he decided that if a day ever came when you couldn't hear this music live, it would be a tragedy. He left the private sector, and has worked in the classical music industry ever since.

Musician Project’s Mahler 9 was a truly cathartic experience

The next time The Musician Project plays, you’ve no excuse to not go along. If this concert is anything to go by, you’ll get much more than your money’s worth.

Academy of Ancient Music and Sara Macliver makes Baroque music come alive

It can be a challenge to make Baroque music (music of the 1600s/1700s) come alive. It always sounds beautiful, but in the hands of the wrong musicians, it might not necessarily sound exciting. The Academy of Ancient Music, led by…