Jason Gerraughty
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A composer from New York, who is new to Sydney’s classical music scene. Fresh from finishing his PhD, his passions are for new music, Islay whiskys, and overdressing for occasions. You can find Gerraughty at concerts by looking for the American in a bow tie!

Cyrus Meurant: Seul

Cyrus Meurant’s album, Seul, is no doubt a play on the fact that Meurant himself plays the instruments by himself, a synthesiser in the first track (The Clearing), and a violin in the second (Reflet).

Balmain Sinfonia: a sense of community pervades

Welcoming music lovers of all types The Balmain Sinfonia presented a concert this past Sunday, featuring a program of Romantic favorites. The atmosphere at Macquarie Theatre was one of relaxation and friendliness: groups gathered in the lobby before the concert…