Mark Walker
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In his teens, Mark rebelled against his classical obsessed father into pop, disco and rock, before seeing the light and returning to the fold in later life. His classical motto is: 'if it ain't baroque, don't fix it'!

Australian Haydn Ensemble’s Beethoven Piano Concertos 1 & 3

Forming part of a series of reconstructions, Peres Da Costa with the Australian Haydn Ensemble, performing all of Beethoven’s piano concertos, this recording of the 1st and 3rd concertos is remarkable for a number of reasons. Principal of these is…

Funk Engine has tight playing and ripping talent

Funk Engine have served their time at the Con well, as evidenced by their tight playing and ripping talent. Pogson’s pieces give ample opportunity for each musician to shine with at least one solo for guitar, sax, drums or bass in each piece.

Seekers – Future Road

Essentially a re-issue of their 1997 album, this version of Future Road contains additional material in the form of a DVD of the ‘making of’ Future Road, which includes the official clip of ‘Far Shore’ – incidentally the first ever…

Academy of Ancient Music – The Birth of the Symphony

Performed with the passion & zeal of these evangelists of older instruments. The individual works are worthy of listening to for their own sake, not simply as part of a progression of the development of the classical symphony.

The Marais Project’s Lady Sings the Viol

A triumph of arrangement and a showcase of the talents of its participants, Lady Sings the Viol demonstrates what can be achieved if musicians and performers are willing to challenge sterotypes and push the boundaries of their ‘normal’ performance envelope.

Judith Durham “The Platinum Album”

The Platinum Album, the latest release from Judith Durham, most famously the former lead singer of ’60s folk-pop band, The Seekers, demonstrates that she has lost none of her vocal prowess over the years. Resembling many of her post-Seekers releases,…