Peter Leung
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Peter is currently undertaking a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Since beginning saxophone at age 7, Peter has had a varied and extensive performance career, spanning several countries and musical styles.

Omega Ensemble interplay was superb in a varied and engaging program

From the first chord Teije Hylkema held the audience’s attention with his commanding stage presence and sonorous and expressive performing.

Mythra Ensemble brought driving rhythms which saw many a head bob along in the audience

The Mythra Ensemble takes it name from Mitra the god of friendship, and focuses on creating cultural unity through music, blending Turkish, Armenian, Iranian and Kurdish musics with a both traditional instruments

Omega Ensemble gets Psycho!

The concert, which came about originally from Rowden’s desire to perform Herrmann’s Clarinet Quintet was highly varied and enjoyed by all

Australian Haydn Ensemble explore of Haydn’s Esterházy orchestra

Throughout the performance the musicians displayed a level of interaction that was only outshone by their obvious love and enjoyment of the Haydn’s music.

Omega Ensemble serenades the Sugar Plum Fairy

In a concert of serenades and seranatas, Omega Ensemble performs Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece superbly with Tarkmann’s intimate setting.

Vast range of tone colours in Sideband’s first CD

Featuring core players and guests, the CD draws on an array of inspiration sources, from Japanese Haiku poetry to dust storms and electronic music.