Ria Andriani
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Ria Andriani is a Braille specialist by day, a musician and writer by night and on weekends. She graduated with Bachelor of Music/ Bachelor of Arts from UNSW in 2015. She now sings as a soprano with various choirs and ensembles in Sydney; she also writes on issues of Accessibility in the Arts, choral music and is a reviewer for fine music websites in Sydney. Follow Ria on www.facebook.com/RiaAndrianiWriterAndMusician

Evergreen Ensemble’s Curious Caledonians transports to a different time & place in Australian history

Highland ceilidh, Regency quadrilles and Victorian parlour songs, the Evergreen Ensemble and partners’ programme, Curious Caledonians, draws on the collections of songbooks and sheet music housed in the Sydney Living Museums and the State Library of NSW. They were handwritten…

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