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Roger has always loved classical music, even as a child and being from Manchester (UK) went regularly to orchestral concerts with the famous Halle Orchestra. He used to play the clarinet. He is keen on all sorts of classical music from Bach to James McMillan.

La Clarinette Française was lovely Spring evening about mood, colour and bags of atmosphere

The Sonata was superbly played by Ian Sykes with just the right amount of shading as well as expertly delivered helter-skelter ‘runs’ for which the clarinet is famous.

Sounds Baroque at Macquarie University Art Gallery

To anyone venturing into the weird but enjoyable world of opera, this was a splendid introduction. But it was enjoyable for anyone, young or old.

Australian Haydn Ensemble performs Beethoven’s Piano Concerto to a crowded house

It is testimony to this chamber music group that the last movement of the Haydn, which as the programme noted ’demands virtuosity from the whole party’ was executed superbly.

Songs set to music by a broad range of composers beautifully performed by St James Choir

A different taking of the Song of Songs. The poetry is beautiful, erotic and sensuous. Down the centuries composers have been attracted to these love poems.

Reservoir Trio & Ella Brinch played Legendary Piano Quartets with heart & soul

This concert was a fitting end to a great season. Anyone coming to chamber music for the first or fifty- first time will derive great pleasure from a great social enterprise.

Song Company: For Emperor and Pope, Music for a Renaissance Court

A very well-produced CD put together with thought and with a comprehensive booklet that provides some very informative and interesting translation of the songs.

Agony and Ecstasy: Australian Music from the Time of Arthur Boyd

A companion to the National Gallery of Australia’s exhibition ‘Arthur Boyd: Agony and Ecstasy’. A collection of snapshots, a survey of Australian music across the eight decades of Arthur Boyd’s life.

Flinders Quartet in Sydney

Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, 3 September 2014 Schubert – String Quartet No 13 in a Minor, D804 (Rosamunde) Much of this program was in minor keys which often are quite sad, reflective and certainly there was a ruminative feel…

Selby and Friends: In memory of a great artist

Program Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Trio in G major, Op.121a ‘Kakadu Variations’ Gabriel Fauré Piano Trio in D minor, Op.120 Pyotr Tchaikovsky Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 50 ‘In Memory of a Great Artist’ This was a great chamber…

A Cole Porter Celebration Concert

It was a well planned concert mixing some orchestral pieces with solos, duets and quartets and of course the choirs. The Philharmonia was in great shape.

Blue Skies, Magpies & Goldfish

This is quite an eclectic disc which grows on you with repeated listening. If you fancy extending your horizons and sound world then buy it – you’ll be rewarded.

The Sydney Consort: Strings – Sackbuts – Serpents

A fascinating title for a really fascinating CD. One which grows on you with repeated hearings. The music on the disc is of the Baroque period, ie sixteenth and seventeenth centuries so what might be described as ‘early music’. But…

Acacia Quartet with Jane Sheldon: North + South

North + South is an eclectic collection of ten folk songs covering the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the globe. So we have Australian, English and Irish folksongs and some interesting arrangements by Benjamin Britain and avant garde composer Luciano…

The NOISE Spontaneous Improvisation

Improvisation in music goes back centuries and is one of the great traditions in jazz, in organ music and in particular among French organists. So here we have a different disc by four classical music graduates from Sydney who started…

Flinders Quartet – colour & atmosphere

If there were two words that united this marvellous evening it’s the words, ‘colour’ and ‘atmosphere’. In the first half we had one of the seminal quartets of the last century by Maurice Ravel of Bolero fame. Apparently he applied…