Sue Liu
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Sue Liu spent the first half of her life submerged in music and performance. Flute, piano, choir, instrumental and vocal ensembles were the main stays. These days Sue is a follower of jazz, blues, a capella, indie rock, world music and of course, classical!

Personal stories resonate as deeply as the notes

Flinders Quartet’s performance & delivery of Joyce’s Mob – a truly beautiful & intimate work. I loved the detail. It was so rich & interesting!

The delight of discovering Selby and Friends

My involvement in classikON over the last year has provided me more than just discovering artists and enjoying music.  For me, there is joy in taking a pause from the busy-ness of the working week to spend time with friends…

Zubin Kanga’s Spectrum at The Independent

The offer of a recital at the elegant Independent Theatre on a beautifully crafted grand piano by Zubin Kanga, in a world premier performance of custom composed works and collaborations. Firstly, I must introduce you to the finely hand crafted…