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Thoroughbass is an Early Music ensemble, who have trouble staying in the past. Established in 2009 by director and harpsichordist Diana Weston, the ensemble often performs contemporary music as well as that of bygone eras. The result is varied, innovative and original repertoire and some fascinating concerts.

Thoroughbass’ concerts

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Ambassador thoughts and interviews with Thoroughbass

Thoroughbass’s “Bach in Three” enjoyably contrasted the music of the Bach family

Thoroughbass presented once again a well thought through program of chamber music in their Bach…

Thoroughbass’s Toybox is sure to entrance young & old alike

Ahead of Thoroughbass’s performances of Claude Debussy’s The Toybox at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta,…

ThoroughBass are joined by Israeli keyboard player, Michael Tsalka

On a somewhat dull winter afternoon in Sydney, I attended a ThoroughBass concert named “Overture…

ThoroughBass Cock Crow brings Rosemary Dobson’s poetry to concert format

The concert is intimate and personal. The blend of poetry and strings is a fine choice, as the attack of the keyboard reflects the accuracy of the chosen poetic words.

Surprises under The Birch Tree as Thoroughbass is inspired by folk songs

I am always impressed by their interesting and innovative programming. There are always surprises and challenges for the listener.

Thoroughbass’ The Viole Divine

Focused on the viola da gamba, with works by Rameau, Bach and Marais. Three instruments were featured, gamba (Shuang Ng), violin (Tara Hashanbuoy) and harpsichord (Diana Weston).

ThoroughBass provided a musical feast of varied flavours, composed by Ann Carr-Boyd

A series of folksong arrangements bookended the concert. Very varied styles here despite the tone set by the constraints of an early music ensemble.

Insight | Ann Carr-Boyd & the Flying West project

Ann Carr-Boyd’s bottom drawer is full of largely unpublished and unrecorded manuscripts from 40 years ago, ThoroughBase and The Flying West project been recording them.

ThoroughBass: Music to tap your foot to!

ThoroughBass, Mosman, 16 November 2014 ThoroughBass, a Sydney ensemble founded in 2009 and which performs…

ThoroughBass was dramatic and stunning as the mythological Phaedra

Hester Hannah was dramatic & stunning as the mythological Phaedra. Drama was heightened by red lighting, casting interesting shadows on the walls & intensified the inner tensions of this tragic, dignified woman.

ThoroughBass: Men of Moment

I never knew St Luke’s Mosman was such a wonderful space to be in with…

Blue Skies, Magpies & Goldfish

This is quite an eclectic disc which grows on you with repeated listening. If you fancy extending your horizons and sound world then buy it – you’ll be rewarded.

Ondine Productions: Hymn to the Sun – The scent of rhythm

Philip Glass’s music is often misunderstood as repetitive. Superficially it is, but it shifts forward…


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