Luke Iredale
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Luke is the owner of possibly the world's most eclectic record collection, covering Renaissance sacred music through to heavy metal. In his spare time he enjoys writing, composing and singing major thirds.

Voyage to the Moon was a spectacularly entertaining experience

Drawing together talent from all over the country to create an original gem which was so much more than the sum of its parts.

Halcyon transported listeners to a beautiful world of autumn winds, icy hills and footsteps in the snow

Page, Sitsky and Schultz were all able to take well-deserved bows and join the other listeners in congratulating Halcyon on crafting yet another unforgettable concert of contemporary treasures.

Alan Holley Hammerings CD

Take my advice – buy Hammerings, take it home and grab a good set of headphones. This is truly music to lose yourself in. Close your eyes and you can almost see the musicians playing their hearts out.

Resonance provides a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with an enormous voice

Chris Cartner’s Resonance series gives the floor to dramatic soprano Mylinda Joyce, a golden-piped singer with a proclivity for German and Italian opera.

Pearl & Dagger’s ‘The Raven’ was a superb treat for the senses

Combined melodrama, chamber music and drama of the late C19th & C20th in hugely entertaining and darkly atmospheric re-creation of parlour entertainment.

The Choir of Christ St Laurence in top form for 2015 Lenten concert

Congratulations for getting the Easter season off to such an expressive start, thanks to the thoughtful direction of Neil McEwan and the sensitivity of the choir to its own strengths.

Chris Cartner performs the masterpieces of Franz Liszt

Relatively informal mood, Chris speaks about each piece, illuminating the music. A genuine warmth & mutually beneficial relationship between audience & performer

Alan Holley 60th birthday concert

On a gorgeous afternoon, 50 music lovers settled into an art gallery on leafy Riley Street to celebrate the 60th birthday of composer Alan Holley, one of Sydney’s best-loved music figures.

Halcyon and Soundstream Collective: Stolen

New Music Network Presents: Stolen Halcyon and Soundstream Collective Saturday 6 September 6, Sydney Conservatorium, Music Workshop Geoffrey Collins, flute in hand, took his seat in absolute silence. His three colleagues did the same. A long, pregnant pause. No-one breathed.…

An Australian War Requiem

AN AUSTRALIAN WAR REQUIEM Sydney University Graduate Choir and Orchestra Sydney Town Hall, Sunday August 10 2014 Christopher Bowen’s An Australian War Requiem is the end result of a truly staggering effort put forth by a bevy of passionate supporters,…