Consort 8: Gaudete

Ancient and traditional carols for Advent and Christmas.

Consort 8 was a joyful noyse with first-class playing and singing

With all the discordant noise coming out of Canberra these days, not to mention natural disasters around the world, an evening where one can push all this out of the conscious mind and sink into some ‘joyful noyse’ was most…

Consort 8: A Joyful Noyse

Music from medieval to 21st century for countertenor, recorders, viols, lutes, theorbos & percussion

Wonderful surprises abounded at Consort 8’s Fratres.

I’ve been to enough Consort 8 concerts to know three things about them. Firstly, the standard of performance is tops – fabulous recorders, skilful playing of viols, lutes and theorbo, and where else are you going to get a gaggle…

Consort 8: Fratres

Sacred and secular music from medieval to 21st century for voice, recorders, viols, lutes, theorbos and percussion.

Consort 8’s A Renaissance Christmas was a fabulous start to the Season

We’ve all heard of the recorder, and many can recognise a viol da gamba, lute, and theorbo when they see one. But how about a cittern? Or a psaltery? And a tapan? All featured in the fabulous Consort 8 concert…

Consort 8: A Renaissance Christmas

Ancient and traditional carols for Advent and Christmas

Consort 8 have tremendous flexibility to programme unusual and rarely heard works

A veritable feast of delicious 16th and 17th Century works, most of them from Spain and Italy, were served up to a full hall.

Consort 8: The Cries of London

Sacred and secular music from renaissance to baroque

Consort 8: Daphne’s Grand Tour was a class act, unearthing rarely presented music

Chung’s voice is perfect for this music, with recorders again mimicking the organ and the lute quietly strummed. The balance of sound between instruments and voice gave this slow lamentation its emotional intensity.

Consort 8 brings Advent alive with recorders, theorbo & viols

A varied and demanding program of 22 Christmas and Advent pieces, much of the music little known and performed in a polished and professional manner.

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