Bach Akademie Australia | Bach’s Universal Light

This is a Melbourne Digital Concert Hall live streamed event. For so many of us, 2020 has been exceptionally hard thus far. With this in mind, we present a journey from darkness into light through Bach’s universal genius. ‘In memoriam’…

Bach Akademie Australia didn’t disappoint with Bach’s magical concerti

If there was a star-spangled concert in Sydney’s Early Music scene, this would be it. Madeleine Easton, Neal Peres da Costa, Mikaela Oberg, Alicia Crossley and Aaron Reichelt represented the best in their chosen instruments and they didn’t disappoint. What…

Vast range of tone colours in Sideband’s first CD

Featuring core players and guests, the CD draws on an array of inspiration sources, from Japanese Haiku poetry to dust storms and electronic music.

Alicia Crossley’s CD Alchemy

I would recommend this CD for somebody with an eclectic musical taste looking for variety and something different.

Alicia Crossley: Alchemy

The phrasing, articulation and dynamics were beautifully executed and the sound well supported, making the most of the space. A diverse concert.

Alicia Crossley is Addicted to Bass

Applause to Alicia Crossley for commissioning young composers to write for an instrument very suitable for this repertoire. For fans of C21 chamber music or wanting to broaden musical horizons.

Blue Skies, Magpies & Goldfish

This is quite an eclectic disc which grows on you with repeated listening. If you fancy extending your horizons and sound world then buy it – you’ll be rewarded.